Cherry blossom globe

By: deborahsc

Dec 11 2007

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Category: Digital painting

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Focal Length:17.4mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

(for your holiday tree, with best wishes)

One comment on “Cherry blossom globe”

  1. Deborah…These digital paintings are wonderful. I wish I was your advisor and I would give you an A+ on all of your art work. You are very talented and I love the fact that you are 56 and going for your MFA. I am a retired art teacher (high school)and now I teach basic drawing for computer games at my local community college. I saw some digital (really drawing using a Photoshop pad)painting called Speed Painting, done by a young man in Argentina, Nico DiMattia, and I emailed him and ask him to come to Oklahoma and do a workshop for my class. Well, he is coming March 1, it has taken him 3 months to get his Visa, he has never been to the US before, I am really excited about his work, he is working on his web site this week but it will be back up in a few days, if you would like to take a look at his work you can find some of it on YouTube, just type in speedpainting or his name. He is very talented. I thought you might like his work, when I looked at yours. Congradulations on your accomplishments, and I also love your poetry… go girl.
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    Linda (Okla)

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